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YouTube Profile Field Mod

The mod allows users to include/embed a YouTube video in their profile.


1. Download the package from the Etano Downloads Repository and upload it to your "tmp/packages" folder, be sure NOT to unzip it, the package manger will handle that.
2. In your admin panel go to the Package Manager page. You should see the addon listed there with an "install" link next to it.
3. Click on install and follow the instructions if any.


NOTE - first you'll need to create separate "Profile Category" for your YouTube video, this is necessary because if you add the video to a category that has other fields such as the "Basic Info" category, and the user edits those other fields and clicks "Save" the video code won't get saved and would require editing the and re-entering the YouTube share or URL code again.

1. In the Admin go to the Profile Categories page and click the "Add new" link.

2. Then create a name for the category, such as My Video for example.

3. In the Admin go to the Profile Fields page and in the "Add a new field" drop down list select the YouTube profile field type.

4. Set the label and category options and add some help text, then save.

5. Click on the link at top to regenerate the profile fields cache.

Once you have setup and included this addon in the admin profile fields section, then in the field provided in the user's profile manager they can simply include either the "SHARE" code or the "URL Link" for the video and the mod will take care of creating the required embed code. Don't forget to include Help Text for Users that says something like …. Simply include either the SHARE code or the URL Link for the YouTube video..

NOTE - if you have problems installing a profile field via the package manager, you can also manually install it by unzipping the file on your computer and then find and upload the 09field_youtube.class file to the … /includes/classes/fields/ … folder on your server.

Also use the manual method if upgrading the YouTube mod. Once installed you should regenerate your skin.

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