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 ====== SMF Bridge ====== ====== SMF Bridge ======
- +  
-Note: SMF Bridge is just that: an auto-login bridge. Members who are logged in on the main site are auto-logged on the forum too. There'​s no other integration provided. You will have to take care (if needed) of the existing links to profile, contact, logout, etc inside of SMF pages. +**No longer available!**
- +
-To install the SMF bridge you need to follow these steps: +
-  - Download SMF from http://​ +
-  - Unzip the package you downloaded from them in a '​smf'​ folder +
-  - Upload the '​smf'​ folder from your computer to "<​site root>/​3rdparty/"​. (You should have now on your server <site root>/​3rdparty/​smf,​ <site root>/​3rdparty/​smf/​Packages,​ etc). Note that the letter case is very important: the '​smf'​ folder must be lowercase. +
-  - In your server control panel create a new database for SMF. Make sure the same user that has access to the Etano database also has access to SMF database. This is a very important stepHaving separate users for each database will not work! +
-  - Install SMF by pointing your browser to http://<​your site>/​3rdparty/​smf and following the install instructions. Make sure SMF is working once the installation is complete. +
-  - If you downloaded the SMF Bridge from the Datemill server you need to copy the archive to <site root>/​tmp/​packages. No need to unzip the package. +
-  - Go to your admin panel - Package Manager and click on install next to SMF Bridge integration addon and follow the steps in the installer. +
-  - Now go to admin panel - Access Levels. You have a new access level here: "​forum"​. Adjust the access for the level as you wish and click on Save. Even if you do not need to adjust the levels you have to click on the Save button to regenerate the access level cache. +
- +
-Once SMF and the Bridge are installed you need to put the link to the forum somewhere in your pages. The link is in the form http://​​smf.php +
- +
-> Note 1: Existing members in your Etano site at the time of installing the Bridge will be unable to login into the forum from the login form in the SMF header. In order for them to login into the forum, they need to login on Etano and then follow the link to the forum. This restriction is valid until they change their Etano password for the first time. +
- +
-> Note 2: As admin your will be asked to relogin when going from Etano admin area to SMF admin area. This is a security double-check imposed by SMF and it can be disabled from SMF admin area. +
- +
----- +
- +
-If you want us to install SMF and the Bridge for you we need: +
-  - Your ftp user/pass to transfer the files +
-  - Your admin panel user/pass +
-  - Access to a phpmyadmin tool (usually in your server control panel) +
-  - Obviously you need to purchase (or pay for) the SMF bridge from us. +
-  - The fee for 30 minutes of work. +
-  - You can pay using the custom payment form on http://​​purchase.php. You can find our current fees there too.+
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