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About the Skype Profile Field

The Skype profile field addon allows users to add Skype Status into their profile which displays their online/offline status and allow users to contact them via Skype.


1. Download the skype field addon zip package from the Etano Downloads Repository and upload it to your "tmp/packages" folder, be sure NOT to unzip it, the package manger will handle that.
2. In your admin panel go to the Package Manager page. You should see the addon listed there with an "install" link next to it.
3. Click on install and follow the instructions if any.

NOTE - if you have problems installing the skype profile field via the package manager, you can also manually install it by unzipping the file on your computer and then find and upload the 09field_skype.class.php file to the … /includes/classes/fields/ … folder on your server.


1. In the Admin go to the Profile Fields page and in the "Add a new field" drop down list select Skype Status, then click the add button.

2. Set the label and other options you want and save.

3. When done be sure to click on the link at top of the profile fields page to regenerate the profile fields cache.

Skype Settings

In order for the Skype Status to function the user needs to change some settings in their privacy settings of their Skype program.

The most important setting is the "Allow my status to be shown on the web".

Important Note - How a user can directly contact or connect with a user that has the Skype Status added in their profile solely depends on their Skype's privacy settings.

If the user with the Skype Status added in their profile wants to allow other users to contact or connect with them directly without being in their contacts list they will need to make additional changes to their privacy settings.

If they want to allow users to Call them directly, in the Allow calls from section they need to check the "anyone" option.

If they want to allow users to IM them directly, in the Allow IM's from section they need to check the "anyone" option.

They can choose to allow either or both for allowing Calls and IM's from "anyone". If they decide to just keep it to allow only those in their contact list to Call or IM them, then they will just receive the standard request to add them to their contact list, which they can accept or ignore.

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