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 ====== Recommended System Requirements ====== ====== Recommended System Requirements ======
-  * PHP 5.3.x / MySQL 5.1x are the recommended versions.+  ​* **PHP 5.3 or 5.4**, and **MySQL 5.1** and up are the recommended versions.
   * Ability to run cron jobs every 5 minutes.   * Ability to run cron jobs every 5 minutes.
   * GD Library for the dynamic creation of image uploads.   * GD Library for the dynamic creation of image uploads.
-  * Supports ​uploading ​and editing of .htaccess files.+  * Supports ​mod rewrites ​and editing of .htaccess files.
   * PHP mail() support.   * PHP mail() support.
-Using **PHP 5.5** and up and **MySQL 5.5.4** and up may cause errors or issues.+Try to find a host that will allow you to choose/​select the PHP version you want to use, many hosts now provide this option in cPanel. 
 +It may also work with **PHP 5.5** as long has the host has error warnings turned off. 
 +Etano will not function properly using **PHP 5.6** and up.
 **Important Note:** **Important Note:**
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