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 <​code>​$query.="​ LIMIT 15"; if (!($res=@mysql_query($query))) {trigger_error(mysql_error(),​E_USER_ERROR);​} $user_ids=array();</​code>​ <​code>​$query.="​ LIMIT 15"; if (!($res=@mysql_query($query))) {trigger_error(mysql_error(),​E_USER_ERROR);​} $user_ids=array();</​code>​
-To make the widget display random members on other pages use this code inside ​any html file from the skins_site/​def/​ folder:+**TIP** - be careful how many items you display on your page, having too many can cause slower page performance. Your index page is the main page that Google lists and ranks in their search engine and Google typically ​ prefers pages that aren't slow loading or too bloated. It's best to try and keep your index page focused and to the point making sure visitors can quickly grasp what your site is about and what it has to offer. Widgets should be considered teasers and provide just enough to make visitors want to explore further and ultimately signup to see more. 
 +To make the widget display random members on the member'​s home page or other pages use this code inside ​the appropriate ​html file from the skins_site/​def/​ folder:
   <​!--widget="​members(array('​mode'​=>'​rand'​))"​-->​   <​!--widget="​members(array('​mode'​=>'​rand'​))"​-->​
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 ==== Random Photos ==== ==== Random Photos ====
-To make the widget display random photos add this code inside ​any html file from the skins_site/<some skin>/ folder:+To make widget display random photos add this code inside ​the index.html file: 
 +To make a widget display random photos on the member'​s home page or other pages use this code inside the appropriate ​html file from the skins_site/def/ folder: 
 +==== Important Info Regarding Adding The Random Widget ==== 
 +Refer to your **skins_site/​def/​index.html** file, you'll see sections like the following ... 
 +<​code><​!-- Newest Members widget -->  
 +<div class="​front-widget">​  
 +<​h3>​Newest Members</​h3>​ 
 +</​div><​!-- End Newest Members widget --></​code>​ 
 +Add your random items widget as follows ... 
 +<​code><​!-- Random widget --> 
 +<div class="​front-widget">​ 
 +<​h3>​Featured Members</​h3>​ 
 +</​div><​!-- End Random widget --></​code>​
-  <!--widget="photos(array('​mode'​=>'​rand'​))"-->+If you want you can you can replace the "​Newest Members ​widget" ​with a "Random widget"​. You can also add widget codes in any order you want. The order you add them in the file is the order in which they will be displayed on the page.
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