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   - [[installation#​create_your_database_and_database_user_and_password|Create your database and database user and password]]   - [[installation#​create_your_database_and_database_user_and_password|Create your database and database user and password]]
   - [[installation#​point_your_browser_to_your_site_and_follow_the_installation_process|Point your browser to your site and follow the installation process]]   - [[installation#​point_your_browser_to_your_site_and_follow_the_installation_process|Point your browser to your site and follow the installation process]]
-- [[installation#​create_consistent_base_url|Create Consistent Base URL]]+  ​- [[installation#​create_consistent_base_url|Create Consistent Base URL]]
   - [[installation#​set_up_the_periodic_maintenance_task|Set up the periodic maintenance task (Cron Jobs)]]   - [[installation#​set_up_the_periodic_maintenance_task|Set up the periodic maintenance task (Cron Jobs)]]
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 +===== Create Consistent Base URL =====
 +Some web servers treat URLs with **www** and **non www** as totally separate URLs or domains which can cause potential issues. For example if your BASE URL is defined with the the **www** prefix but you type in just **** into the browser'​s URL field, this can potentially cause problems if the URL changes with or without the **WWW** prefix while browsing or navigating to different pages.
 +Most common issues are users being logged out when navigating the site, or during the registration process when a user attempts to select their state it continues to try and load but never actually loads.
 +To prevent this from potentially happening it's best to make it always rewrite with the www prefix by including ​ the following code in the top portion of your .htaccess file.
 +<​code>​Options +FollowSymLinks
 +RewriteEngine on
 +RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
 +RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://​​$1 [R=301,L]
 +Then in the **includes/​** file on your server be sure your Base URL has the **WWW** prefix, which will be in line #7:
 +<​code>​define('​_BASEURL_','​http://​'​);//​ protocol required (http:// )</​code>​
 ==== Helper scripts ==== ==== Helper scripts ====
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