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Custom Profile Fields

This documentation applies to custom profile fields only, such as:



Installation is just the same as for any other patch/addon we released. 1. Download the zip package from our server and upload it on your server into the tmp/packages folder. No need to unzip it. 2. In your admin panel go to the Package Manager page. You should see the addon listed there with an "install" link next to it. 3. Click on install and follow the instructions on screen if any.


4. Now go to the Profile Fields page and add a new field of the newly installed type. Set the label and other options you want and save. 5. Click on the red/blue link at top to regenerate the profile fields cache. 6. Optional: some of the fields might also have special settings. Go to the Features and Options page and, if there is a category of settings for the newly installed field in there make sure you set it correctly. Save when you're done.

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