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 >>​{{:​location_add_state.png}}\\ >>​{{:​location_add_state.png}}\\
-**Adding "​Cities" ​to a State:**+**Adding ​or Deleting ​"​Cities" ​for a State:**
-Once you have added a state to a country ​and you click the "​States"​ link it will then show a link for "​Cities", ​to add cities for this state click the "​Cities"​ linkthen in the next window ​click "Add new city":​\\+Once you have a state added for a country you then click the "​States"​ link and it will then show a link for "​Cities",​ click the "​Cities"​ link and then you can delete any cities that are listed, or if you want to add a new city click the "Add new city" ​link:\\
 >>​{{:​location_add_city.png}}\\ >>​{{:​location_add_city.png}}\\
 Repeat this process to add more cities. Repeat this process to add more cities.
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